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Things are moving pretty fast! A few years back I was given a sheep that needed to be bottle fed, adopted another one with an equilibrium problem from birth, fell madly in love (as is expected) and now here I am, a few years later, looking at my rescued sheep happily grazing, and considering taking a Master Spinner Program…

I asked myself why… After all, I could explore the world of fibers at my own rhythm, taking a few classes here and there.  Why commit myself to a six year program, homework and all? Well, I thought about it for a while… Maybe because my bedside table is now permanently inundated with books such as The Fleece & Fiber sourcebook or In sheep’s Clothing? Maybe because I find myself enjoying reading about micron counts and wool luster ? What about my fascination with sheep breeds, or pasture rotation or fencing! I guess I really have an urge to dive in deeply!

I was introduced to the Olds College Master Spinner Program from someone I met at Kid’NEwe last year. She is now in her fourth year and is loving it! That (and the gorgeous hand dyed, hand spun mohair shawl she was wearing) convinced me to give it a go! There is program in my area so I will be hosting one (yes it is a slippery slope:)).

Wish me luck! I will let you know how it goes!

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